Tuition Assistance Program

In addition to periodic public seminars to promote skills developement (see News & Events), Women Empowered also offers small tuition grants to qualified individuals taking courses through ACE, advancing their skills through a program offered by the MV Hospital, or taking continuing education classes to obtain or advance employment. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis and must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the start of the course for which the applicant is requesting financial assistance.

To obtain an application, please contact Women Empowered (508) 696-8880.

After submitting the application (including a statement of intent and two letters of reference), each applicant is required to meet with a facilitator to ensure a plan for success is in place. If the applicant is approved, a check will be cut directly to the institution providing the course. (If the course has already been paid for, a check can be cut to the student). In some cases, facilitator meetings will continue to support the student throughout the academic endeavor.

Within two months of course completion, the recipient shall provide proof that the course was successfully completed. Failure to complete the course will convert the grant into a loan that must be repaid to Women Empowered.

To date WE has approved seven out of eight applications submitted for this program.

Tuition Application 6.4.13