Client Statistics

Between Jan 1, 2011 and Dec 31, 2011 Women Empowered volunteers worked with 70 clients. Twelve of the clients were carryovers from 2010 and 58 were new to WE in 2011. During the year, 261 client meetings were held.


46% of clients presented with financial issues

(debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, budgeting)


24% of clients presented with job related issues

(resume building, interview skills)


15% of clients presented with life skills issues

(decision making, problem solving, organization and time management)


9% of clients presented with legal issues

(note: Women Empowered does NOT address legal issues, however we can assist with paperwork organization and management as well as decision making skills when a client is faced with issues such as divorce)


5% of clients presented with medical issues which prevented them from working and caused financial debt.


37% of clients were referred by a friend/former client of WE

27% of clients were referred by other island agencies

18% of clients responded to our newspaper advertisements

5% of clients learned about WE at the hospital health fair

13% of clients were former clients restarting services


35% of clients are single

25% of clients are married

32% of clients are divorced

5% of clients are widowed


28% of clients work full time

35% of clients work part time’

33% of clients are unemployed

5% of clients are retired


61% of clients define themselves as white

10% of clients define themselves as Latino

9% of clients define themselves as African American

20% did not provide ethnic data


25% of clients are age 20-40

45% of clients are age 41-60

30% of clients are over age 60


44% of clients are college graduates

31% of clients have some college level educatiom

19% of clients have no education beyond high school

6% of clients have masters level education (or higher)


91% of clients are female

9% of clients are male


Summary of statistical data

81% of clients have education beyond high school

62% of clients have some degree of employment

44% of clients have children to support

75% of clients are over age 40

72% of clients are on their own (single, divorced, or widowed)